This energetic trio consists of Annelie Koning on vocals, Luc Ex on acoustic bass and Tristan Renfrow on drums, all based in Amsterdam. Koning switches, apparently effortlessly, between singing a poem and improvising an original story through the lyrics. Luc Ex creates warm, infectious grooves that respond playfully and effectively to the texts, but cannot be tamed by them. Renfrow’s clear and direct grooves connect all of them and leave no space for doubt. Their new program ‘Love is a dog from hell’ is based on poems by Charles Bukowski. The compositions that they wrote are direct, pure and work strongly together with the poetry of Bukowski. An energetic and powerful interplay.


Annelie Koning · Prepare, Move, Finish

Annelie Koning – voice
Luc Ex – acoustic bass
Tristan Renfrow – drums

Annelie Koning (1992), has a beautiful voice and works in her own unique way with whether or not existing lyrics. She has an experimental approach but is trained tradiscionally. (ArtEZ conservatoire)

Luc Ex was born in 1958 and has – after 20 years of playing with the band The Ex-, played and established in a lot of different international groups. His music is always straight, warm and with a lot of groove.

Tristan Renfrow is a rare talented, from orgigane american, drummer that through a lot of craftsmanship and musicality, blows everyone away.

Annelie Koning