Toch nog gelukkig is a performance of seven minutes in which one performer (Annelie Koning) asks herself who she is, what she can become and what she thinks of that. She listens and starts a conversation with the voices in her head about identity, memorie and expectations.
The compositions consist of two aria’s and in between a recitative. Opera terms that we use in an experimental and conceptual way. The aria’s are used to bring across emotions of the voice, the performer feels in the beginning ‘too big for everything, too small for nothing’, in the recitative she tells why and what that does to her.

The composition is for 4 surround speakers and live vocals.


Annelie Koning · Toch Nog Gelukkig





Gerjan Piksen – composition
Annelie Koning – composition and performance
Jeroen Callaars – text

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Toch nog gelukkig started as a project for Phonetic Stories, an Open Call of Asko Schönberg and De Tekstsmederij.

Extended version of 20 minutes will be presented in July in Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Utrecht (Balkonscènes Fonds Podium Kunsten) and at Gaudeamus Festival, Utrecht.

Foto@ Britt van Klaveren

Annelie Koning