From October 2020 I’m working together with Daan Leever. We make beats in his studio in Rotterdam and I write lyrics on them.

The songs are about ordinary problems from a single, working woman in her twenties. So, about myself. Good moments, bad moments. About worrying about nothing. About love. About working as a musician. About searching for purpose.
I use the character of ‘rapper’ and ‘neat girl’ to talk about sensitive subjects in a direct and light way. The beats are rich with a lot of unexpected sounds and the voices full of unusual harmonics. A playful collaboration.

First songs Flex werker zonder flexplek and Ik ben virtuoos will be out soon.


Annelie Koning · Flexwerker zonder flexplek


Annelie Koning – vocals & lyrics
Daan Leever – beats

More about Daan Leever:

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Annelie Koning