From 2017 till 2020 I was part of the Genetic Choir. We did several performances from which (NON)CORPUS  was the most important one.

With the (Non)Corpus trilogy, the Genetic Choir celebrates the experimental human voice as a connecting element, and challenges people to listen through the ears of a different context.
The first part of the trilogy – (Non)Corpus: God – looks at the listening and singing experience through the lense of religiosity and secularism. When does the voice touch something we have no words for? How is the voice experienced by a faithful Muslim, a faithful Christian, or a contemporary concert-goer of no faith? 




Foto@Rene Castelijn

On 22 & 28 December 2019 (Non) Corpus: God premiered with two full-evening concerts in the Dominicuskerk in Amsterdam. Watch the video below for an impression

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Annelie Koning